The Whitesidewalls

Performing Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Things will start rockin’ at the Surf on Wednesday, Jan. 30, with the Winter Dance Party Family Sock Hop featuring The Whitesidewalls.

Generations of Midwesterners have twisted the night away to the retro sound of The Whitesidewalls, and this year will be no exception. The Whitesidewalls date back to 1971 when Pat Brown, also known as “Hound Dog,” founded the group. Their name is reminiscent of the big white sidewall tires on the cars in the 50s.

The look and sound of “The Golden Era” of rock ‘n roll is still alive and well when The Whitesidewalls hit the stage with Hound Dog, Swanee, Gino, Bobby and Rocky playing the music you love and remember with adrenaline-pumped enthusiasm. You’ll be clapping, dancing and singing along to your favorite musical memories…rock ‘n roll played the way it was meant to be played…authentic and true to form!

The Whitesidewalls were part of the lineup during the first “Buddy Holly Tribute” back in 1979, and have performed during 15 of the 40 tribute events, the most of any musical act.