Headcat 13

Performing Saturday, February 1, 2020

In 1999, Lenny Kilmister from Motorhead, Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats and Danny B. Harvey from The Rockets went into the studio to record an Elvis Presley track with Johnny Ramone for an Elvis tribute album that Harvey was producing for Cleopatra Records.

After cutting a song with Ramone, they decided to record two more songs as a trio, and the results were so good that they decided to form a band and play and record their favorite rock ’n’ roll songs from the good ol’ days — and that’s how Headcat was born. Their first album, “Fool’s Paradise,” was named after the Buddy Holly song they recorded on the album. It contained nine Buddy Holly songs as well as an instrumental version of Holly’s “True Love Ways.”

For the next 15 years, Headcat performed around the world whenever they could break away from commitments with their other bands. During that time, they recorded two albums and filmed a live DVD.

Lemmy died at age 70, two weeks after playing his final show with Headcat. Headcat rocked on, with David Vincent filling in on vocals and bass, and Harvey taking over leadership.

Danny B. recently changed the band’s name to Headcat 13 out of respect for Lemmy Kilmister and to distinguish between the eras with and without him. However, the spirit, vision and songlist remain the same.

Said Harvey, “Headcat 13 is very excited to play the Winter Dance Party at the Surf Ballroom in 2020 and will pull out all the stops. Rock ’n’ roll forever!”