Frank Avalon

Performing Friday, February 1, 2019

Frank Avalon has been a part of the rock ‘n roll scene since childhood as the oldest son of rock ‘n roll teen idol Frankie Avalon, playing drums since the age of three. Frank studied under the best: Joe Pecarro, Chuck Flores and Bobby Malloy. Frank has played on multiple recordings throughout the years, built a recording studio and is an accomplished recording engineer.  He has been working with his father Frankie Avalon as his drummer for the last 20 years. Frank also dabbled in acting in the 1980s, with roles in such classic movies as The Karate Kid (1984), Better Off Dead (1985), Airwolf (1984) and Back To The Beach (1987).  He is also an entrepreneur. Frank runs a clothing line “Hollywood Surf Legends” and also has a company called “Clip n Sip,” which is currently launching its flag-ship product “StrawJi” (The Beverage Billboard).