Bobby Cochran

Performing Friday, February 1, 2019

Bobby Cochran, lead guitarist, singer, writer and producer, was influenced at an early age by his uncle and late rock legend, Eddie Cochran.  At 13, he set his aim on becoming a master guitarist and went on to work with many prominent groups including Steppenwolf, The Flying Burrito Broths and Leon Russell.  Cochran’s writing and production work has encompassed motion pictures, videos, television and records such as “Mrs. Crowe’s Blue Waltz” and “Guitar for Mortals,” each of which won Best Acoustic Guitar Album of the Year in Guitar Player Magazine.

In 2017, Bobby and Eddie Cochran were inducted into the International Rockabilly Hall of Fame together, the first time two family members have achieved that honor.  Cochran is currently the musical director for the award-winning “Rock Around the Clock Show” featuring Bobby Cochran & the Rhythm Rockers.

Additionally, Bobby performed as part of the 2018 Winter Dance Party lineup.