Bowzer & the Stingrays

Performing Friday, January 31, 2020

The differences between mild-mannered Jon Bauman and his boisterous alter ego are stunning.

When he wasn’t leading the famed doo-wop group Sha Na Na, he became a multi-dimensional figure in show business with careers as host, producer, writer, musician and more. But make no mistake — he is best known for his role as Bowzer in Sha Na Na, a band he started with several classmates at Columbia University.

At its peak, “Sha Na Na” was the No. 1 syndicated show in America and was seen in more than 30 foreign countries. With Bowzer the dominant character on stage, Bauman was a major force in leading the group to its successful TV series.

He also had a successful solo career, starring on a variety of TV shows and appearing in the movie “Grease,” in which he sang “Born To Hand Jive” on the soundtrack.

Bauman’s live show, “Bowzer’s Original Doo-Wop Party,” which he will bring to the Winter Dance Party at the Surf Ballroom, was the most successful production show ever at Atlantic City’s Trop World Hotel and Casino. He has been performing ever since with his group, Bowzer and the Stingrays, at fairs, amusement parks, cruise ships and conventions around the country and the world.