Austin Allsup

Performing Saturday, February 5, 2022

His father made an indelible impression on the Winter Dance Party. Now, his son is following in his father’s footsteps, leaving an indelible impression of his own. Austin Allsup, son of legendary guitarist and singer Tommy Allsup, will be featured at the Thursday night concert at the Winter Dance Party.

Tommy Allsup, a former member of Buddy Holly’s band The Crickets, gained a warm spot in the hearts of Winter Dance Party fans with his friendly demeanor and great talent. When Tommy died in January 2017, just before he was scheduled to perform at the Winter Dance Party, Austin took the stage in place of his father.

“It’s obviously an honor with the event itself, the historical importance, the personal value that I take with this venue and with my dad,” Austin said in a Globe Gazette interview. “It’s very bittersweet because the reason I’m here is because of my dad.”

Austin used the occasion to highlight his great singing talents that led him to great success on NBC’s “The Voice.” He had already become a staple in the Texas Music Scene as a gritty folk rocker with a thirst for originality. As a member of Team Blake, Austin was able to walk the line of a country outlaw and renegade rock ’n’ roller.

At that first Winter Dance Party performance, Austin covered some of his father’s favorites, some Buddy Holly originals and more.

“That room … there’s something very special about that room and it feels magical up on that stage,” Austin told the Globe Gazette. “I’m very humbled to be here today and I hope that I can come every year, it would mean a lot to me to do that.”